Network of Performance Based Schools 

The Network of Performance Based Schools is an organization of schools from across the province who have chosen to work together to improve student learning and to strengthen public education.  Schools who belong to this Network choose an area to study, work with one or two other schools as partners, and share what they have learned with everyone.  Here's a sample project:Will focusing on student self-assessment utilizing kid-friendly performance standards and other assessment tools lead to enhanced student writing?” (French Creek Community School).

What Do Network Schools Do?

As described on the website of the Network for Performance Based Schools, school teams of teachers and principals develop a question that becomes the  focus for their school improvement work on an annual basis and commit to:
  1. Collect baseline data
  2. Work over the course of the year on their key question
  3. Assess students using the BC performance standards
  4. Attend three meetings annually, and display their findings at a year end celebration of learning
  5. Write a 2 page report of their inquiry work including suggestions for other schools. Schools reports form the basis for the annual publication “Case Studies and Findings from the Network of Performance Based Schools.”

Nine of Qualicum’s fifteen schools belong to the Network of Performance Based Schools.

"Schools Learning Through Inquiry and Teamwork" - NPBS


For more information about this group, including school questions, articles, resources and a list of member schools, visit their website:

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