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School District No. 69 Transportation Information

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our District is pleased to have the ability to offer safe and comfortable school bus services to our school sites outside of the following walking limits:

  • Kindergarten to Grade 7:  3.2 km with the exception of BES, EES and NBES which have a walk limit of 1.5 m
  • Grade 8 - 12:   4.8 km walk limit

​Bus Pass Fees:

  • No Fee to eligible riders (students within catchment area and outside of the walk limits)
  • $125.00/year to courtesy riders (students within walk limits or outside of the catchment area)​

Electronic Bus Pass System

  • The district has implemented an electronic bus pass system, referred to as ZPass.  This allows the district to track, in real time, which bus a student traveled on and when/where they got on/off.  Students will be issued, after the application process is completed, a lanyard with a bus pass which is encoded with a tracking number; students will be required to scan the card when boarding and leaving the bus both in the morning and in the afternoon.
  • This bus pass will stay with the student throughout their school years with the district.  At the end of each school year, the passes will be deactivated (student keeps the pass).  After the application process is completed for the following year, the pass will be reactivated.  A child in kindergarten could have the same pass for up to 13 years.  Replacement passes are $15.00 and the family will be responsible for replacing the lanyard. (Please note that this application process in currently under review.)
  • Similar to what is currently being done, eligible rider bus passes will be processed first, with a cut off date, followed by courtesy riders and any eligible riders that missed the cut off date, as space allow.
  • If your child is continually not riding the bus, you will be notified and the bus pass will be deactivated.

Bus Pass Procedure

  • Second week of June through to the last Friday of July - ELIGIBLE ONLY bus applications will be accepted & processed on a first come/first served basis.
    • If a bus reaches capacity, an Eligible Rider Wait List will be created.  You will be notified if you are put on this list.
    • Distribution of bus passes will be processed by the Transportation Department and sent to the school for the availability to be picked up in the office starting at the end of August.  Please contact your school site to make arrangements if picking up before the first day of school.
    • Courtesy rider applications will not be received during this time period.
  • Beginning the first week of August and onwards - COURTESY rider applications, as well as ELIGIBLE rider applications that were missed in the above cut off dates, will be received and processed on a first come/first served basis as space is available on the bus route(s) requested.
    • Courtesy riders that are offered a space on the bus will be notified and asked to make the payment.  Once payment is received, the bus pass will be issued as per the distribution process mentioned above.
    • If payment is not made within 3 business days of being offered the space, the application will be re-dated and put at the bottom of the pile.
    • If a bus reaches capacity, a wait list will be created.

Completing the Bus Pass Application Form

  • If unsure which form to use (Eligible/Courtesy) - refer to the "School Locator"  on the school district website to determine.
  • Be sure to read the Bus information sheet found under the Bus Schedule & Forms links.
  • One form per child per address.
  • Parent/Guardian to complete sections 1, 2, and 3 of the application form.
  • If unsure of the stop name, refer to the "School Bus Schedule" under the Bus Schedule & Forms links.  Each school has a list of bus stops - find the closest one to your address.
  • Fax or email the completed application form(s) to the number/email supplied on the form.

Bus Pass Distribution

  • Bus passes will be processed by the Transportation Department and sent to the school for pick up availability in the school office beginning the Monday of the week prior to students return to school.