School District No. 69 Qualicum
Preparing today’s learners for tomorrow’s world Instruisons nos jeunes pour le monde demain
District Calendar 2021-2022

Days in Session
‚ÄčDays of Instruction
‚ÄčInstructional Hours Kindergarten
‚ÄčInstructional Hours Elementary
‚ÄčInstructional Hours Secondary


‚ÄčSchools Open
Regular start time - schools dismiss 3 hours early
Ballenas and Kwalikum Secondary - Grade 8 students only
Tuesday, September 7
‚ÄčBallenas and Kwalikum Secondary
First day for Grades 9-12 students
‚ÄčWednesday, September 8
‚ÄčNational Day of Truth & Reconciliation:  Stat Holiday
‚ÄčThursday, September 30
‚ÄčPro-D Day:  Non-instructional Day
‚ÄčFriday, October 1
‚ÄčThanksgiving Day:  Stat Holiday
‚ÄčMonday, October 11
‚ÄčProvincial Pro-D Day:  Non-instructional Day
‚ÄčFriday, October 22
‚ÄčRemembrance Day:  Stat Holiday
‚ÄčThursday, November 11
‚ÄčConferencing Adjustment:  Non-instructional Day
‚ÄčFriday, November 12
‚ÄčWinter Vacation Period
Monday, ‚ÄčDecember 20 - Monday, January 3
‚ÄčSchool Reopens after Winter Vacation
‚ÄčTuesday, January 4
‚ÄčSecondary Semester 2 Begins
‚ÄčTuesday, February 1
‚ÄčDistrict Wide Planning Day:  Non-instructional Day
‚ÄčMonday, February 7
‚Äč‚ÄčProvincial Pro-D Day:  Non-instructional Day
‚ÄčFriday, February 18
‚ÄčBC Family Day:  Stat Holiday
‚ÄčMonday, February 21
‚ÄčSpring Vacation Period
‚ÄčMonday, March 14 - Friday, March 25
‚Äč‚ÄčSchool Reopens after Spring Vacation
‚ÄčMonday, March 28
‚ÄčGood Friday:  Stat Holiday
‚ÄčFriday, April 15
‚ÄčEaster Monday:  Stat Holiday
‚ÄčMonday, April 18
‚ÄčConferencing Adjustment:  Non-instructional Day
‚ÄčFriday, May 20
‚ÄčVictoria Day:  Stat Holiday
‚ÄčMonday, May 23
‚ÄčSchool Based Pro-D Day:  Non-instructional Day
‚ÄčFriday, June 3
‚ÄčFinal Day for Students - Schools dismiss 3 hours early
‚ÄčWednesday, June 29
‚ÄčAdministrative Day:  Non-instructional Day
‚ÄčThursday, June 30