Grad Transitions

Grad Transitions Day:  Feb 27th

Students with last names starting A-K attend morning sessions (8:30 am meet in MPR)

Students with last names starting L-Z attend afternoon sessions (12:20 pm meet in MPR)

*If possible bring a resume and proof of 30 hours paid or volunteer work experience.

Due Date:               April 6th

Interview:               April 9th during your LINK class

Requirements for Grad Transitions:

  1. Wellness Plan- download document  Wellness Plan.docx
  2. Transition Plan – download document Grad Transition Plan 2018.docx
  3. Resume – you provide
  4. Work Experience – you provide proof of 30 hours of paid or volunteer work-experience (pay slips, letter from organization, WEX 12 course completed etc.)
  5. Interview – will be done by your LINK teacher during LINK on April 9th 

Save items 1 to 4 in your personal drive on a BSS computer with the following file names: Last Name  First Name  Document Name

Ex: Smith Bill Resume        Smith Bill Transition Plan   Smith Bill Wellness Plan 

Smith Bill Work Experience

Hand in Instructions: (logged in at a Ballenas Computer)

  1. Copy the file you want to hand in (right click on the file click copy)
  2. Click on Start then Computer
  3. Click on Student Share drive
  4. Click on Grad Transitions 2018 Folder
  5. Click on Hand In folder
  6. Click on the individual folder for the document you are handing in (open it)
  7. Right click and paste your document to that folder

Do this for all 4 assignments required for Grad Transitions.

If you have any questions and/or concerns please see Ms. Reynolds, Mr. Meredith or Ms. Confortin.