Learner Policies

Learner Participation Policies

This page exists to make clear our policies and guidelines for

  • Active Participation
  • Learning Activities Funding
  • Technology and Resources Borrowing
  • Sibling and Parent Participation in Activities
  • Course Completion Extensions

Many of our policies and guidelines are based on BC Ministry of Education, while others are developed in consultation with our parents, PAC and staff. To comment or ask a question, please use our Contact Us link.

Below, are condensed versions of each item, with links to complete documentation available.

Active Participation

All learners, K to Adult are expected to become active within two weeks of enrolment, by completing and submitting a defined first learning activity. After this, learners are also expected to remain active, completing and submitting learning activities or evidence of learning regularl, and by remaioning in communication with the program or course teacher. Read more...

Course Completion & Extensions

Students are expected to progress at an even pace through a program or course, to finish in accordance with the expected completion date set on the Student Learning Plan. Students who require periods of time longer than this, due to illnes, injury or other extenuating reason, can request this when the Student Learning Plan is created, or as soon as an indication that an extension may be required. Read more...

Learning Activities Funding

To support student learning, funding for additional learning experiences, through approved service-providers, is provided to our full-time students K to 12. This provision does not apply to students older than 19 yrs. on July 1, for the current school year.   Learning activities should be planned using the Financial Planning Allocation form for Elementary or Second​ary.   Funding requests made in agreement with the planning document can be submitted to CEAP staff for approval and processing using the online submission forms K-7 Service Provider Approval Form or the 8-12 Service Provider Approval Form.

Technology and Resources Borrowing

Annually, CEAP allows learners to borrow many resources, including learning kits, text books, novels, readers, scientific equipment, computers and much more. Our policies and guidelines are designed to make the terms of borrowing clear and to preserve these resources so as to achieve maximum value, in terms of use and expenditure. Read more...

Additional Information about Technology Borrowing.​..​

Sibling and Parent Participation in Activities

While some CEAP learning activities are meant exclusively for enrolled learners, many other activities allow for the participation of siblings, not enrolled in the program. We welcome family participation, provided folks observe our policies and guidelines for this. Read more...

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