Dance Focus


Independent Direct Studies & Elective Courses in Dance 8-12  (Performance & Choreography)

Our Grade 8 – 12 Dance Focus Program allows students who are enrolled in community-based dance programs to gain high school course-credits for their participation, learning and involvement in dance programs occurring outside of the normal school environment.

The Dance Focus liaison teacher will act as your course teacher, working with you and your dance instructor to create learning projects to satisfy BC Learning Outcomes for each course, and to coordinate between our program and your dance instructors. The following 4-credit courses are available through our program:

  • PE 8 and Dance 8
  • PE 9 and Dance 9
  • PE 10 and Dance 10
  • Dance 11 (Performance)
  • Dance 11 (Choreography)
  • Dance 12 (Performance)
  • Dance 12 (Choreography)
  • Independent Directed Studies in Dance 10 – 12

In essence, for each 4-credits course completed, the student will participate at least 120 hours of combined activity including:

  • Direct activity in a dance program
  • Completion of theory activities, inquiry-based projects, personal experience documentation and reflections on activity

Contact or program office for more information or to register.