ROAMS - Rivers, Ocean, and Mountain School


​ROAMS - Rivers, Ocean, and Mountain School

River, Ocean, and Mountain School (ROAMS) is an outdoor leadership program which focuses on career preparation, work experience, adventure education and community leadership in School District 69.

The program seeks to attract 20 students with a passion for the outdoors, a strong work ethic, dedication, responsibility, and a desire to gain work experience and eventual employment in the outdoor, adventure tourism industry.

Who should apply?

~ Students who are 16 years of age or older by December 2017.

~ Students who have competency or regularly participate in one of the following:

  • Alpine Skiing/ snowboarding/snowshoeing
  • Kayaking/ rafting/paddle boarding
  • Surfing
  • Mountain biking
  • Rock climbing
  • Fishing

​ROAMS application 2019-20.pdf


Program Overview

ROAMS students will not have a traditional, Monday- Friday 8:30 am – 3:00 pm timetable. Students will participate in extended work experience opportunities and certificate granting course work while also participating in adventure education that relates directly to Adventure Tourism guiding operations in British Columbia.

Some weekends will be required for work experience and adventure education field trips. Additionally, some flexibility is required to allow day long field trips and work placements. Students are encouraged to take an academic course delivered via a distributed learning platform to maximize their flexible timetables.

Student will receive mandatory instruction in rope handling and safe climbing techniques. Additionally, all students are required to otake training in Occupational First Aid Level 3

Semester 2 will begin with mandatory aquatic lifesaving classes. All students will be required to successfully complete Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross. 

Students will be required to pay for all day passes, lift passes (student rate), equipment rentals where applicable, and meals. The program will look to cover transportation costs, half of all certification fees, all guide fees, and accommodations where applicable.


Activities and Course Credits

Opportunities for certification may include and approximate costs:

  • Occupational First Aid III – $350
  • Marine Restricted Radio Operator VHF - $50
  • Food Safe $20
  • Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross  $150
  • Assistant Raft Guide $350

 ****​families should expect an approximate cost of $1200-$1400 over the length of the semsester for all certifcation fees, day passes to resorts, and food cost.

Opportunities for advanced certification will be considered but not limited to:

  • Level 1 Avalanche Skills Training – AST1
  • Ski Snowboard Instructor - CSIA/CASI level 1
  • Swift-water Rescue Technician – SRT 1
  • Marine Emergency Duty 3 - MED-Aid 3
  • Surf, Kayak and Raft Guide Training

Work experience (WEX) opportunities will be program and student generated. For example, work experience placements at Ballenas Little Mountain Climbing Wall, Romper Room Climbing Gym, Mt. Washington, Mt. Cain, and Pacific Surf School will be offered. However, the student will be encouraged to locate and participate in one week of intensive work experience (5-7 days). Please note, accommodations for week-long WEX placements will be student's responsibility.

Opportunities for course credits:

WEX 12A (120 hours) – 4 credits

  • Hours generated at various job sites (climbing wall, ski hill, surf instruction)

WEX 12B (100 hours) – 4 credits

  • Hours generated at job shadowing at various job sites (mountain operations and guiding)

Leadership 11/12 (100 hours) – 4 credits BAA

  • Planning and/or participating in community leadership (stream keepers, broom busters, Brant Festival, etc.) and various group leadership opportunities.

PE 11/12 (100 hours) – 4 credits

  • Out of timetable hours combined with scheduled in-class instruction, capturing hours from extracurricular activities to meet prescribed learning outcomes.

Adventure Ed 11 (100 hours) – 4 credits BA

  • Demonstrated competencies in 2 activities: mountain biking, alpine ski/snowboard, rock climbing, surfing etc.

Adventure Ed 12 (100 hours) – 4 credits BA

  • Demonstrated competencies in 2 activities: river kayaking, rafting, fly fishing, etc.

Adventure Guiding Module 2 – North Island College – 4 credits

  • Dual credits granted through School District 69 and North Island College for high school students enrolled in NICs Adventure Guiding program with successful completion of OFA III and CPR C.


  • Successful completion of Lifesaving Camp (Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross)
  • Ability to swim 600m 18:00 minutes
  • Act as a responsible employee while on job sites.