School District No. 69 Qualicum
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School Bus Information

Riding the school bus is a privilege and School District 69 (Qualicum) offers a busing system to help get students to/from school/home/daycare.  Rides are offered for both eligible and courtesy riders, depending on space.  Other than school field trips, buses are not used for any other purpose (ie play dates, birthday parties, work or sports activities).  

Walk Limits - As per Policy 704 walk limits are:

    • K - Gr. 7     3.2 KM with the exception of BES, EES and NBES which have a walk limit of 1.5 KM
    • Gr. 8 - 12    4.8 KM

Bus Pass Fees          $0.00        -  eligible rider    ( within catchment area & outside of walk limit); 

                                   $125.00/yr - courtesy rider  (within catchment area and within walk limits or outside of catchment area) 


2022-23 School Year Bus Pass Information and Procedure

  • As we go into the 2nd year of using the electronic ZPass system there are a few things to note:
    • when a bus pass is issued, it stays with the child throughout their school years with SD#69(Qualicum).  
    • At the end of each school year, the passes will be deactivated (student keeps the pass).  
    • After the application process is completed for the next year, the pass will be reactivated.  A child in kindergarten could have the same pass for 13 years! 
    • Plastic holder/lanyard - this was a trial for the 1st year and will not be continued. 
  • June 22 - July 29, 2022  ELIGIBLE ONLY bus pass applications will be accepted & processed on a first come/first served basis.
    • If a bus reaches capacity, an Eligible Rider wait list will be created.  You will be notified if you are put on this list. 
    • If you don't hear from the Transportation Dept., your child has either been issued a new bus pass and/or placed on the  driver manifest.
    • Courtesy rider applications will not be received at this time, so please do not send them in!
  • August 2 , 2022 onwards  COURTESY, as well as eligible bus pass applications will be accepted and processed on a first come/first served basis as space is available on the bus route(s) requested.
    • Courtesy riders that are offered a space on the bus will be notified and asked to make the payment.  When payment is received, the bus pass will be activated (or issued if new). If payment is not made within 3 business days of being offered the space, the application will be re-dated and put back into the queue. 
    • If a bus reaches  capacity, a wait list will be created.

  • The form is for both eligible and courtesy riders - be sure to check off the correct box and enter the current bus pass #.  If unsure whether eligible or courtesy, refer to the "School Locator' on the school district website to determine.
  • One form/child/address.
  • Parent/Guardian is responsible for completing the 'to be completed by parent/guardian' section and signing the form which acknowledges that you have read the '2022/23 School Bus Information' sheet.
  • If unsure of the stop name, refer to the 'School Bus Schedule' below.  Each school has a list of bus stops - find the closest one to your address
  • Fax or email the completed application form(s) to the number/email supplied on the form.  You will be contacted if you need to pay for a courtesy ride.  
  • New and/or replacement bus passes will be sent out to the school for pick up in late August.