School District No. 69 Qualicum
Preparing today’s learners for tomorrow’s world Instruisons nos jeunes pour le monde demain
Message from the Board of Education


Welcome to School District 69 Qualicum 

From Bowser to Nanoose Bay, Errington to French Creek and Parksville to Qualicum Beach we are a family of schools both urban and rural that offer a wide variety of educational experiences for your children.

Your Board of Education, School and District Staff invite all parents to participate in their child's education. We value and will continue to support the vital role you as parents play in the success of your child's school years. We hope that you will participate in the many and varied activities that go on in our schools. We strive to offer choice and alternatives for all students and families.

For 2019-2023, the district's three strategic priorities, and their critical components, are:

  • Strategic Priority 1 - Student-Centered Learning (Learner Focused)
    • Student choice in their learning
    • Student choice in their assessment methods
    • Student voice in the design of learning
    • Indigenous understandings at the forefront
    • Recognition of and support for unique needs
    • Flexible and responsive structures and programs
    • Varied and differentiated learning environments
    • Multiple pathways to success for learners
    • Inter-disciplinary approaches to teaching and learning
    • Co-curricular (complementary) learning opportunities
    • Technology as an embedded component of learning
  • Strategic Priority 2 - ​Quality Teaching and Leadership
    • Learner-focused instruction and support
    • Multiple points of entry to learning for students
    • Differentiated instruction
    • Competency-based focus for teaching and learning
    • Commitment to the new curriculum
    • Improved assessment and evaluation practices
    • Continuous communication of student learning
    • Instruction oriented to "next steps" in learning
    • Support for experiential learning experiences
    • Commitment to self-reflection as part of learning
    • Use of technology as a support for learning
    • Collaboration with colleagues
  • Strategic Priority 3 - Social/Emotional Learning
    • All learners "bringing themselves fully" to learning
    • Use of a trauma-informed lens in service to children
    • Focus on belonging, inclusion and connection
    • Commitment to health and well-being of all
    • Focus on supports for self-regulation of learners
    • Support for learners developing resiliency
    • Taking a growth-oriented approach to all learning
    • Ensuring optimal supports for vulnerable learners
    • Accessing all available resources in our communities 
We also continue to work collaboratively with our business community and many local social services agencies providing additional support and opportunities for all children. We believe our mission statements say it all...

The Qualicum School District is a dynamic, flexible learning community that:

  • Provides personalized educational experiences that complement traditional disciplines and structures to honour the unique needs, strengths, interests and learning styles of our students
  • Maintains a learning environment that fosters the development of empathy, respect and social responsibility in our learners through strong partnerships between home, school and the broader community
  • Embraces a spirit of curiosity and a passion for lifelong learning that prepares our students and challenges them to become informed, confident, and creative designers of their own future.
  • Is committed to weaving Indigenous learning throughout the educational experiences of all learners; and,
  • Brings a trauma-informed lens to the work that we do with learners.
Please take a moment to follow the website to all our schools and see the many unique opportunities we provide.

Board of Education
​School District 69 (Qualicum)​​​​