Bowser Elementary
School District No. 69 Qualicum

Principals Message

As we enter the last month of school we can reflect on all the exciting things that have occurred this year. Next year proves to show signs of exciting change as well especially for our new student body – Bowser’s Grade 6 students.

Next year Grade 6 students will have an opportunity to participate in Information Technology, Woodwork as well as an Art / Cooking session.

As well, Grade 6 students will have an opportunity to start Band. This is an introductory course with training in reading and playing various instruments which are rented through Tom Lee™ in Nanaimo. The introductory Band course is optional but provides a good start for entry level instruction into what could be a strong part of a student’s educational course through high school years.

A letter will be going home this week to explain these offerings for Grade 6 and more specifically, asking parents if they wish for their son or daughter to participate in a band program. If your son or daughter is wishing to take band next year, we would appreciate it if you could let us know so that we can plan for September!​