Springwood Elementary School is a school of 450 students registered in 20 divisions.  We have 11 divisions which have blended learning environments.  Our student population is diverse and culturally rich. Our professional staff has a range of teaching experience.  Several of our classroom teachers have worked in the district for many years.  We also have a significant number of teachers who have between 1-10 years of experience.  This composition makes for a dynamic blend in our learning environments.  In addition to classroom teachers, we have a learning support team comprised of 4 teachers, two counsellor and a speech and language pathologist who support the learning needs of all our students.  Also on staff, we have an Indigenous support worker and 16 Education Assistants who provide support in classroom and learning center settings for a variety of students with unique needs including: physical & chronic health impairments, intensive behaviour, learning disabilities and autism.

Although our staff can be characterized as experienced, our recent past has seen significant changes and movement as we have reconfigured to a large K-7 elementary setting.  As a new school community, we are working to consistently provide safe, caring and engaging academic learning environment for our students.  We believe that all the adults in the building are mentors for our students and we support and encourage family, cross school and community participation. Our Bagel Café volunteers welcome students in the morning, an active PAC supports students and teachers throughout the year, extra-curricular opportunities and our professional and support staff are highly committed to providing diverse learning opportunities for all K-7 students.   

Community Characteristics:

Springwood is a newly formed K-7 elementary school.  Our population is comprised largely from two former elementary schools which were closed.  These schools both had a moderate level of transience, with approximately the same number of students entering and leaving during the school year.  Our population has remained stable.  During the past three years, we have asked for feedback from our community (students, parents and staff) about our characteristics. This is how our community views our school. These are the top twenty characteristics.

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