Parent participation is integral to the success of students.  Parents can be involved in their child's education in a number of different ways, from volunteering at their child's school to supporting their child at home through education-based activities.

For more information on parent participation please visit the Qualicum District Parent Advisory Council page. 

International Program and hosting students from Yuen Yuen Primary in Hong Kong

For the past few years, we have hosted 10-13 year old students and staff members from Yuen Yuen Primary School in Hong Kong for a 2 week visit. Many of these students were billeted out to families from the SES community. It proved to be an incredibly successful trip for the students, the host families and our school. Several families that hosted students have expressed an interest in becoming a host family again.

We are hosting the twenty 10-13 year old students and 3 staff from April 22 to May 1, 2019. If any families wish to host staff or students, please contact our office for more information or go to Host families are compensated at $30.00 a day.

The Qualicum International Student Program is currently looking for families to host international high school students.  Homes are needed for both short-term weekly programs as well as long-term semester programs.  Contact Sandie or Jenny at: 250-927-3351 or by email at: