Facility Booking
​Facilty Rentals - Operations & Maintenance Department
Phone:  250-248-2067
Fax:       250-954-3028
Email:   dgadd@sd69.bc.ca

The Board of Education believes that school facilities belong to the public and should be used as extensively as possible. When not required for school use, facilities may be made available for use by the community.  Rental rates and regulations are to ensure there is no additional cost attached to the school district's budget.

​The District's Administrative Procedure: Rental and Use of School Facilities Equipment, located below, has complete information on liability insurance, regulations, restrictions and more.  Schedule C, attached to the Administrative Procedure​, outlines the hourly rates schedule.

To apply for rental of school facilities, please download and complete the Application for Rental​ Form (also located below) and submit to the Operations & Maintenance Department with proof of liability insurance.  For more information, please call, fax or email the Operations & Maintenance Department.