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Home Support Learning

What is Home Support?

The Home Support model provides students with temporary access to learning at home for family health and well-being reasons during the COVID-19 pandemic, and is unique to our district. The intent to keep students connected with their classroom teacher and peers, as well as to facilitate a more seamless resumption of education upon return to in-person learning. The student is a member of the class, and the main school support comes from a teacher assigned for Home Support rather than from the classroom teacher.  

Will students in Home Support do the same learning as their peers in class?

The home learning environment is quite different from that of the classroom, meaning that although efforts will be made to align with classroom work, it is not designed to replicate all of the learning activities at school. However, both environments will include learning expectations aligned with the BC curriculum and Home Support will as much as possible include themes and topics that correspond to learning in class.

Will Home Support students receive report cards?

Yes, students in Home Support will be assessed by their teacher(s) and receive Communicating Student Learning documents.



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