School District No. 69 Qualicum
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School Bus Information

Walk Limits - As per Policy 7054 walk limits are 

    • K - Gr. 7     3.2 KM with the exception of BES, EES and NBES which have a walk limit of 1.5 KM
    • Gr. 8 - 12    4.8 KM

Bus Pass Fees          $0.00        -  eligible rider    ( within catchment area & outside of walk limit); 

                                   $125.00/yr - courtesy rider  (within catchment area and within walk limits or outside of catchment area) 


2021-22 Bus Pass procedure UPDATE - Sept 10, 2021

  • Bus pass applications received prior to August 30th have been processed and in doing so we found that 3 buses were going to be above capacity so changes have been made to some routes.  The schedule has been updated to reflect changes to date.
    •  If you are waiting to hear about the R17/R20 from/to  Craig St Commons/EOES that is one of the routes we are working on and you should hear from us by middle of next week. 
  • Bus pass applications received August 30th onwards will be put into the que and passes issued on a first come/first served basis as per the process noted below. 
Can your child ride without a bus pass?  Yes, for the first while we allow students to ride without a bus pass while we process the application forms.  Soon, it will be come mandatory for all students to show a bus pass.  Date for this to be announced. 

2021-22 School Year Bus Pass Information and Procedure
As we get ready for the upcoming school year, it is important to note the changes being made to the Bus Pass Procedure. 

  • Starting with the new school year, the district is implementing an electronic bus pass system, referred to as ZPass.  This allows the district to track, in real time, which bus a student traveled on and when/where they got on/off.  Students will be issued, after the application process is completed, a lanyard with a bus pass which is encoded with a tracking #; students will be required to scan the card when boarding and leaving the bus both morning and afternoon.
  • This bus pass will stay with the child throughout their school years with SD#69(Qualicum).  At the end of each school year, the passes will be deactivated (student keeps the pass).  After the application process is completed for the following year, the pass will be reactivated.  A child in kindergarten could have the same pass for 13 years! Replacement bus passes are $15.00; family will be responsible for replacing the lanyard.
  • Similar to what is currently being done, eligible rider bus passes will be processed first, with a cut off date, followed by courtesy riders and any eligible riders that missed the cut off, as space allows.
  • If your child is continually not riding the bus, you will be notified and the bus pass will be deactivated.
  • June 9 - July 30, 2021 - ELIGIBLE ONLY bus pass applications will be accepted & processed on a first come/first served basis.  
    • If a bus reaches capacity, an Eligible Rider Wait List will be created.  You will be notified if you are put on this list.
    • Distribution of bus passes - see below for the process
    • Courtesy rider applications will not be received at this time, so please do not send them in!
  • August 3, 2021 onwards - Courtesy rider applications, as well as eligible that missed the above cut off date, will be received and processed on a first come/first served basis as space is available on the bus route(s) requested.  
    • Courtesy riders that are offered a space on the bus will be notified and asked to make the payment.  When payment is received, the bus pass will be issued (see below for distribution process).  
    • If payment is not made within 3 business days of being offered the space, the application will be re-dated and put at the bottom of the pile.
    • If a bus reaches capacity, a wait list will be created. 
  • If unsure which form to use - refer to the "School Locator" on the school district website to determine
  • Be sure to read the 2021-2022 School Bus Information sheet found below
  • One form/child/address 
  • Parent/Guardian to complete sections 1,2,3 of the application form
  • If unsure of the stop name, refer to the 'School Bus Schedule' below.  Each school has a list of bus stops - find the closest one to your address
  • Fax or email the completed application form(s) to the number/email supplied on the form
  • Bus passes will be processed by the Transportation Dept. and sent to the school available for pick up, at the school office, starting August 30, 2021