School Bus Information

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Bus Schedule:  The current schedule has been posted.  The minor changes are times and stop names.  Please be sure to check carefully. 

Bus Passes:  Any student riding the school bus must have a bus pass and should be showing it to the driver.   As there was an increase in the number of eligible rider passes issued this yea, a wait list for courtesy riders was created.  Parents have been notifed if a spot became available.   

  • Elementary school children:   if they arrive at the morning bus stop without a bus pass they will be taken to school, but not home (they will need to call home for a ride).   
  • Secondary school children:  if they arrive at the morning bus stop without a bus pass they will be told they need to make alternative arrangements to get to school. 


Things to note:

  • Walk limits have not changed.
    • The walk limits are 3.2 km for K-Gr.7 students and 4.8 km for Gr.8-12 students with the exception of the 3 rural schools.  Bowser Elementary, Errington Elementary and Nanoose Bay Elementary all have a 1.5 walk limit. There are exceptions to walk limits where special needs students are concerned.  Adjustments may also be made in the event of unsafe conditions developing, as judged jointly by the RCMP, the Department of Highways and the Transportation Department.  For students living outside the walk limits, the board my provide bus transportation, or if this is impractical or uneconomical, it may offer transportation assistance to the parent so that the parent can drive the student to school or to the bus stop.
  • Bus routes have not changed for the upcoming year
    • As the school year gets underway there may be some slight changes to  stops and times as the number of riders are confirmed.  Be sure to check the bus schedule to stay up to date. MORNING PICK UP:  PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR CHILD IS AT THE BUS STOP 5 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE POSTED TIME.
  • Bus fees: 
    • $   0.00 - eligile rider (within catchment area & outside of walk limit)
    • $125.00 - courtesy rider (within catchment area & within walk limit or outside of catchment area)