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Financial Information

NOTE!  The School Act requires Boards of Education to pass their budget for the upcoming school year by June 30th.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the budget sessions will be held via ZOOM until further notice.

The Budget Survey is now closed - thank you to those who responded.  There will be a special budget board meeting held on April 20th for review of the draft budget if you wish to provide further feedback.

District Budget Information


  • 1. Where can I find budget information being considered by the Board?
    All budget details and financial information can be accessed on the District website.
  • 2. What is the purpose of seeking input on the budget?
    The district has carefully developed its Guiding Principals for Organizational Decision-making. The role of the budget is to resource these guiding principals. The planning is done in support of the Boards Strategic Priorities for Enhancing Student Learning. We are seeking advice on how to do that as effectively as possible.
  • 3. Why do you plan on issuing two versions of the 2021-2022 budget?
    The first version of the budget is referred to as the Annual Budget, which is typically approved in June of the prior school year. The Annual Budget is driven by conservative student enrollment estimates and the resulting district funding. Based on the estimates, we allocate revenues and expenses through a district-based budgeting model. The discussions from the Annual Partner Group Meeting assist us in incorporating various needs and strategies into the district’s Annual Budget. Changes in actual enrollments compared to estimates drive the Amended Budget development process and the related funding impacts.
  • 4. Where does the districts operating funding come from?
    SD69 operating funding is derived from the following key areas:
    • Student Full Time Equivalency (FTE) Funding - generally speaking majority of the school districts funding is generated on a per student basis;
    • Special Purpose Funding - this includes targeted funding the school district receives for particular purposes and services, including Community Link Funding and Classroom Enhancement Funding;
    • Funding to support students with unique needs;
    • Supplemental Funding - this includes funding that is generated for supplemental areas, including geographical funding and average district vs provincial certificated educator compensation;
    • International Students - this funding is generated within the District from international student’s tuition and related fees.

    The Provincial Funding Model is expected to change in future school years. School districts are anticipating that any changes to the level of total district operational funding would be temporarily subsidized through bridge funding from the province. Regardless of the current funding model or the new funding model, it is the Board’s responsibility to come up with the annual budget (spending plan) through the funding received.
  • 5. What is the difference between non-discretionary and discretionary expenses?
    Non-discretionary means that the Board is required to provide these staff and services from the annual operating budget. The majority of the annual budget is considered non-discretionary and is driven by such things as the School Act, Teachers and Support Staff Collective Agreements. Discretionary expenses means that the Board has flexibility with respect to how to allocate the funds.
  • 6. What are the key dates for the 2021-22 budget development process?
    The key dates for the budget development process include the following:
    •December 2020 to January 2021: 2021-22 Annual Budget Development Preparation;
    •January to February 2021: Enrollment Projections;
    •February 17, 2021: Annual Partner Group Meetings;
    •February to March 2021: Initial School Planning Meetings;
    •March 2021: Provincial Budget Released & Update Board on 2021-22 Preliminary Budget;
    •May 2021: Board Approval of 2021-22 SD69 Annual Budget;
    •September 2021: Actual Enrolments;
    •October 2021: Actual Revenues;
    •January 2022: Board Approved Amended Budget
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