École Oceanside Elementary
School District No. 69 Qualicum
Principal's Message

Totem.JPGWelcome Back

A very warm welcome back to those students and families who were with us last year, we hope that your summer adventures were many and fun filled, and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday September 05, 2017. We'd like to welcome our new Kindergarten students who will be joining us as they participate in a gradual entry into their future Kindergarten classrooms starting on Wednesday September 06, 2017.  Also, we'd like to welcome those students and families who are new to Oceanside, your year of learning and play with us I am sure will be an enjoyable one!  We are pleased that you have joined our learning community!

A reminder to parents that our school start time on Tuesday September 05 is the same however, our ending time is at 11:33. Please make arrangements to pick up your child at this time as teachers will be busily preparing for a full day of learning after students are dismissed.  Pick up of students each day will be outside the school and so will dismissal. We are hoping that this consistent routine will help keep our foyer and hallways clear in case we need to practice an emergency exit with our students, especially at the beginning or ending of the day.   Also, a reminder that all parents need to check in with the office this is a safety item that needs to be followed. Your cooperation with both of these requests is most appreciated.

Class lists will be posted early Tuesday morning outside the back of the school, where the majority of students will be meeting their classroom teacher. As in the past this first week of school the focus for our learners will be on learning our school routines and behavior expectations. We are hoping that the class compositions are as complete as is possible. However, if any changes need to be made they will be made on Friday September 08, 2017 and parents will be contacted. To ensure that our students enjoy a great first week of learning any changes we make will be kept to a minimum.

School supplies can still be ordered in time for delivery the first week of school by contacting the SchoolStart website. Information that you may need for ordering supplies is located on our school website.  Until our classes are finalized students will only need the basic essentials for the first week of school.  

Lucie the Otter, who is our school mascot looks forward to seeing everyone again too!  Keep safe, enjoy your last week of summer holidays and we will see you on Tuesday September 05, 2017!

Gwendolyn Flynn- Principal of EOES