École Oceanside Elementary
School District No. 69 Qualicum
Parent participation is integral to the success of students.  Parents can be involved in their child's education in a number of different ways, from volunteering at their child's school to supporting their child at home through education-based activities.


For more information on parent participation please visit the Qualicum District Parent Advisory Council page. 

Guidelines for Parents/Guardians/Guests

Visiting the School

All visitors to Oceanside Elementary School are required to report directly to the office upon arrival. If remaining at our site for volunteer purposes, please sign-in at the office. All other assistance is offered at the office window. Please do not wander through the halls and/or arrive at classroom doors. We value our instructional time and always need to know who is on-site for emergency purposes.

Volunteers are welcome at OES; please remember that in order to participate in school life and field trips adults must obtain a Criminal Record Check. Be sure to stop by the office to initiate your request as soon as possible to allow the RCMP time to complete their search.

Traffic near OES

Many students walk, ride bikes or scooters to school. Speak with your child to be sure that safe pedestrian practices are understood and observed.

If you are driving near the school, please move your vehicle cautiously as children are active and move quickly. Driving very slowly along roadways near Oceanside helps keep students safe.

Thank you for obeying the School Speed Zones.


This sign indicates a school nearby and school-aged children may be present on or near the roadway. Crosswalks at Oceanside School are located on Wright Road and Wembley Road. School crossings require a high level of attendion as children are developing their pedestrian skills daily so drivers need to be extra cautious. BC Law prohibits parking within 6 metres of a crosswalk. Please comply for the safety of all pedestrians. Students arriving at the front of the school should walk along the east sidewalk to the back of the building for supervision on the playground. The main entrance is used for guests, emergencies, individuals needing assistance with mobility and late arriving students.

Bus Zones

Main bus routes enter and exit from the south side (rear) of the school where railings are mounted alongside a red line to indicate bus stop areas. Please remain clear of those zones for student safety and efficient bus movement. One smaller bus uses the northwest (front) loop by the main doors, so keeping the area clear is very important. Don’t forget that buses come to and from the site at various times of the day for field trips; please do not park in these areas.


Parking at Oceanside is limited from the time of student arrival, throughout the instructional day, and until the last bus pick-up. Staff parking is reserved at the back and side of the building. Parent/visitor parking is available at the front of the building. If you need to park, please find a safe location in the nearby residential areas without blocking the driveways of neighbours. Ensure that all vehicles are clear of crosswalks (6 metres) and allow enough space for students to walk beside the roadway.

Student Pick-up

If you have arranged to pick your child up, please find legal parking in the residential areas and instruct your children to be ready to meet you at a prearranged spot. If you are using the front pick-up zone, parking in the front lot is advised.

Use of Technology

School District 69 values the use of technology as an integral part of teaching and learning.  Handheld devices have become part of our daily routines and as such, provide us access to a wide variety of tools, including photographing our students doing all sorts of activities in school settings. 

While we understand that parents taking and sharing photos during school-sanctioned activities are doing so with good intentions; what people may not realize is that we have students who have media restrictions in place and parents have indicated they do not want their child's photo to appear publicly.

In order to respect the privacy of our students, and to ensure their safety, we ask that you do NOT download, copy, or distribute any pictures or other personal information through social media that contains images of students and/or student work other than your own child's. 

Animals in Schools (Policy 5060)

All SD 69 staff must follow specific guidelines in relation to animals at school. Families are asked to assist us by keeping all pets off-site for the health and safety of staff and children.

Smoking is prohibited on all school properties in British Columbia.

Emergency Closure of Schools

Schools are rarely closed due to power outages or weather conditions. Most power failures are of short duration. During inclement weather some bus routes may be cancelled. During very severe conditions, schools may be closed. There also may be occasions when morning bus runs are limited or cancelled due to hazardous road conditions. Conditions can vary across the school district, so we recommend parents exercise their judgment based on their own local circumstance when making the decision whether to send or drive their children to school.

Parents should monitor their local media for any weather related updates and the potential impact on school district operations. Staff will make every effort to have announcements to the following radio stations by 6:15 a.m.:
  • "The Beach" (88.5 FM) Parksville
  • "The Lounge" (99.9 FM), Parksville
  • "The Wolf" (106.9 FM) Nanaimo
  • "The Wave" (102.3 FM) Nanaimo
  • "All News Radio" (1130 AM) Vancouver
  • "News Talk Radio" (980 AM) Vancouver
  • "CBC Radio One" (690 AM) Vancouver
When it is necessary to send buses to take students home early, every attempt is made to ensure that students have somewhere safe to go when they get off the bus. Parents should discuss emergency procedures with their child(ren) and the school. Any changes to the afternoon runs will be announced over the radio and on the District website. When alternate stops are going to be used, information will be communicated to parents, announced over the radio and posted on the District website.

Parents are also reminded to keep battery operated radios handy and land line telephones plugged in to prepare for power outages.

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