Health & Safety


This notice is to clarify new mid-day cleaning protocols emerging from the revisions to public health guidelines as announced on February 4, 2021. 

The provincial guidelines continue to require cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces at least twice per 24 hours, including at least once during regular school hours.  Frequently touched surfaces include items used by multiple students and staff including doorknobs, light switches, hand railings, faucet handles, toilet handles, tables, and NOW water fountains, desks, chairs, manipulatives, toys and PE/sports equipment.  Also on the list, from before, are computer keyboards, tablets, glassware for science labs, kitchen equipment for culinary programs, and sewing machines/equipment.

PE/Sports equipment in all schools will now have an additional mid-day fogging at a time that will be arranged with school staff.  

Desks/tables and chairs in secondary schools will now have an additional mid-day cleaning (during the school day), but ONLY if they are used by multiple students from different learning groups, even if there are only two different users in a day. As there will be hundreds of desk/chair combinations in secondary schools that will need cleaning in a very short period of time, students will wipe tables/desks and chairs as they leave them after the morning session.  Safe products for this purpose will be supplied to secondary schools, in the form of spray bottles containing non-chemical diluted bleach cleaner with reusable/washable cloths.  The cleaner will be restocked as necessary and the cloths will be taken away, cleaned and returned by custodial staff assigned this work.

Thank you for your cooperation with these important health and safety measures.


KSS COVID 19 Safety Plan.pdf

Revised Health and Safety Measures - February 2021.pdf

COVID 19 Health and Safety Update - Mask Mandate, March 30, 2021.pdf