Parent Advisory Council

PAC meeting minutes

September 2023 PAC Meeting Minutes

October 2023 PAC Meeting Minutes​​

The Role of the Parents Advisory Council

  • To advise the principal and staff on parents' views on any matter relating to the school - programs, policies, plans, activities and problems.
  • To communicate with parents and to promote cooperation between home and school in providing for the education of children.
  • To assist parents in accessing the system and to provide advocacy support for parents.

KSS Parents Advisory Council (PAC)​​​

The Parents Advisory Council is the official voice of parents for formal participation in school affairs. All KSS parents are automatically members of PAC. The PAC executive ensure that parents interests are represented and that good communication between home & school is maintained.
We appreciate the voluntary assistance of parents & at the same time rely on their help to provide the variety of enriched learning experiences for children. Volunteers are always needed to help us with planning school activities, developing policies & procedures and and assisting in many different ways. We view the students in our school as members of families, people we want to know better. There are many ways that parent / grand-parent(s) can get involved:

Just ask your child 's teacher how you can help.

  • Offer your special skills and abilities to your child's teacher by sharing an interest or special skill with students.
  • Assist with supervision and go to learn on class field trips.
  • Pay attention to PAC & school newsletters when requests for parent volunteers are made.
  • ​Get involved in ongoing fund-raising events.

PAC Members