Requesting Transcripts


A Transcript is a listing of a student's academic record relating to a BC Graduation Program, which includes courses taken, grades earned, all honours received and graduation status.

Ordering Transcripts

Transcripts & Certificates are Available for Online Ordering

The Ministry of Education has your transcript or certificate in their Student Transcript Service if you attended a B.C. or Yukon secondary school and you:
  • Graduated after 1985 or
  • Completed a grade 12 course after 1986 or
  • Attended grade 12 prior to 1974 in the University Entrance or Academic-Technical Program.
If the Ministry does not have your transcript or certificate, please contact your school of record or district office.


Ordering Your Transcript or Certificate

If you have a Personal Education Number (PEN):


​If you do not have a Personal Education Number (PEN):

You will have a PEN if:
  • You attended a B.C. K-12 school after 1993 or
  • Wrote a B.C. Provincial Exam starting in 1986

If you do not have a Personal Education Number (PEN)


​You do not have a PEN if:
  • You attended a B.C. K-12 school before 1993, or
  • If you never wrote a B.C. provincial exam (introduced in 1986)
  • Orders won't be processed if it is determined you should have a PEN

If you do not meet the criteria above and do not have a PEN number, please contact your last school of record to request a transcript.  

Email please put in the subject line: “Transcript Order.” When requesting a transcript please include the following information:
      -  Legal Last Name at the time of graduation 
      -  Graduation Year 
      -  Birth Date 
      -  Include the year of any upgraded courses after graduation

* Please note that the last school of attendance will be the school that holds your most current Transcript.

Who can Request and Pick-Up a Transcript?

Students are allowed to request and pick-up a copy of their own transcript without identification. A family member can request and pick-up a transcript for another family member but photo ID is required. A student may give written permission to a friend to come in to our office and request and pick-up a transcript on their behalf. Photo ID is also required from the friend.

When is a Processed Transcript Available?

Transcripts requested for mail-out and/or for pick-up will be available 24 hours after the request has been made.