News Item

Calendar Adjustments for Quarter Changes

November 13, 2020

After discussions with Sr. Management, Secondary Principals, and staff at both BSS and KSS, we have made a decision to adjust our original Quarter dates slightly.  Two main factors have contributed to this decision:

  1.  Educationally, with the pace of the quarter system, some students can benefit from an “I” (Incomplete) day to complete final assignments/assessments.

  2. Operationally, by adjusting the Quarters to end on a weekend, with an “I” (Incomplete) day falling just before or just after the weekend, our custodial staff will have more time to thoroughly clean the school before senior students are arranged in new cohort groupings.

Therefore, our Quarter one will officially end on Thursday, November 19;  November 20th will be an “I” school day. Students who have not completed their learning for the Quarter will be expected to attend class and teachers will let those students know. Any student may choose to attend on “I”-school days and will have supervised learning in their regular classes. The rest of the year will look like this: 

  • Quarter two will begin on November 23 and run through till Jan. 29th, with an “I” school day on Feb. 1; 

  • Quarter three will run from Feb. 2 - April 22nd, with an I” school day on April 23; and

  • Quarter four will run from April 26 - June 25 with anI” school day on June 28th.

Please remember the daily health check and please see the school website for updated information and continue to check the Vancouver Island Health website for daily updates.