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January 24, 2020

“The Board of Education believes that, in general, students should attend their neighborhood school.  Transfer of a student to a school outside of his/her catchment area will be considered upon written application of the parent to the Superintendent of Schools” (Board Policy 7015)

Kindergarten Cross Boundary Process:  Parents wishing to enroll their Kindergarten child at an out-of-catchment school within the district are to make their request upon registration and complete an “Application for Cross-boundary Enrollment for Following School Year” Form.

Grades 1-12 Cross Boundary Process:  All “Application for Cross-boundary Enrollment for Following School Year’ forms must be submitted between February 3rd and March 13th ONLY. Applications submitted before or after that timeframe will not be accepted. District students making a cross-boundary application must FIRST be registered at their catchment school prior to being considered for cross-boundary enrollment.