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IDS (Independent Directed Studies)

IDS or Independent Directed Studies enable students to initiate their own learning and receive credits towards graduation. Courses are based on at least one learning outcome from a BC Ministry of Education course, and can range from 1 to 4 credits, taking the place of your elective courses. This approach is intended to

  • Expand course options for students, especially in areas of personal interest
  • Allow students to explore areas of the regular curriculum in greater depth
  • Provide a 'course container' providing credit for recognized certifications - First Aid, 4H, etc.

CEAP will provide the support and framework, designed to help the students succesfully navigate this new approach to learning.

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CEAP is now offering many eDynamic learning courses, based on enrolment requests and availability.

Many eDynamic Learning courses will earn BC equivalent course credits (listed below), while others will earn up to 4 elective Independent Directed Study (IDS 10 - 12) course credits.

 Click here for a complete list of eDynamic Courses and descriptions

eDynamic Learning Course...

BC Course Credits Granted for...

Creative Writing

Writing 12

Digital Photography I: Creating Images with Impact

Visual Arts: Media Arts 11

Digital Photography II: Discovering your Creative Potential

Visual Arts: Media Arts 12


Entrepreneurship 12

Fashion and Interior Design

Home Economics: Textiles 12

Hospitality and Tourism

Tourism 12

Human Geography

Comparative Civilizations 12

International Business

Marketing 12

Introduction to Culinary Arts

Home Economics: Foods and Nutrition 12

Introduction to Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Marketing 11

Real World Parenting

Family Studies 11


Guitar/Piano Courses

You can take a guitar or piano course online...
  • Music courses offered through CEAP by the Music Educators Institute are fully accredited for BC Grades 8 through 12. The courses are enhanced with video and audio.
  • The online programs are on the cutting edge of technology. Students find them easy to learn via the audio and video helps on each page.
  • Each concept is presented in a simple to understand manner.
  • There are technical teacher support systems in place throughout the entire MEI programs.
  • Each course is equipped with multiple choice and performance exams.

​To request registration in a Guitar or Piano course, contact us at CEAP:

by telephone: 250-752-5628

by email:

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