CEAP Grade 8 to 12 DL Program

Grade 8 to 12 DL Program​
CEAP DL 8 – 12 is our most flexible program for secondary learners. Enrolment into this program can range from 1 course to a full program with CEAP DL. Students can combine their enrolment in CEAP DL with enrolment in other education programs, or they can be exclusively enrolled at CEAP, completing their learning at a distance from the school. Examples of cross-enrolment include students taking certain online courses with CEAP, and then attending a high school for electives and other courses. Any CEAP DL students can attend our learning center, for instruction, support or quiet work-space, according to our schedule. 

Key Information:

  • CEAP Learning Centre is located at Kwalikum Secondary School in Qualicum Beach
  • At-school daily attendance is optional, and dependent on the student's individual program
  • Students may attend the CEAP learning Centre for learning support, some assessments, participation in school-based courses and for self-directed study and learning.
  • Personalized learning plans for each learner
  • "Blended Learning" or participation in CEAP courses, school course, and out-of-school learning simultaneously is possible.
  • Enrolment can occur at any time - 12 months per year. Courses can be completed over a flexible time period, provided there is continual progress towards successful completion.

 CEAP 8-12 DL Learner Profile:

  • Students who are independent and self-directed learners
  • Students who enjoy the challenge and opportunity presented by self-paced learning
  • Students who have average to excellent reading, writing and other communication skills

BC courses available: For a list of BC Secondary Courses offered by CEAP, click here

​Enrolling in Secondary Courses​

Students New to SD69 Qualicum must submit the following:

  1. Ensure that your questions are answered - Contact us at (250) 752-5628 or ceap@sd69.bc.ca for more information about CEAP Secondary courses.
  2. Download and complete all required registration and information forms. Bring in completed forms to our office, along with a refundable $75 resource deposit.
  3. Arrange a meeting with one of our counselors (See below for counselor locations and contact information), who will advise you as to your requirements and course options. A counselor will complete and authorize your CEAP Student Learning Plan
  4. We will contact you to provide start-up information. Students find start-up easier when the come into our learning centre in Qualicum BEach at Kwalikum Secondary School, but we also can start you up at a distance.

Additional required forms for ALL students.

(Prospective students - download and complete these prior to meeting with a counselor.)

  • Grade-level Student Learning Plan
  • New Student Questionnaire
  • Financial Allocations Worksheet (Full-time students ONLY - 5+ coiurse/year)

Students who are currently enrolled in SD69 secondary schools or recent CEAP courses are NOT required to re-submit the following documentation:

  • SD69 Student Registration form
  • Proof of residency or Age Documentation
  • New Student Questionnaire