Parent Advisory Council

The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is the official voice for parents/guardians at the school level. Your 2022-2023 CEAP PAC Executive consists of a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, DPAC (District PAC) Representative, and a Member at Large. All parents/guardians of CEAP students, at both elementary and secondary levels, are welcome to attend meetings, as voting members, of the CEAP PAC. Our principal, Don Bold, also attends most of our meetings to update us with any pertinent news and to be available for discussions.


The PAC usually meets on the second Thursday of every month (though this often varies, so refer to the posted calendar) . There is no fundraising requirement as the PAC receives enough money from the BC Gaming Fund to cover things like field trips, graduation celebrations and special classroom guests.  We do, however, usually help coordinate a couple of fun activities for the students during the year (like the Christmas Shop and Family Adventure Camp).  We meet monthly to discuss to happenings within the program, what our students need, and how CEAP can help them meet those needs. We talk about what's working well and not so well and provide feedback to teachers and administrators.  We are a friendly group who welcome new participants and pride ourselves on the supportive network we have created.


If you are interested in participating in the CEAP PAC, or just want to find out what we're all about, please come to a meeting or contact Jaime Wickham, (PAC Chair) at Regular bulletins and information about the PAC and its activities are posted on the CEAP notice board outside the classroom, and are included in the CEAP Elementary weekly newsletter.

CEAP Constitution and Bylaws Updated Sept 2018.pdf


PAC Members