K to 7 Elementary Program

​K to 7 Elementary Program

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We are a blended learning program that offers both online, and optional classroom activities. At CEAP, each student is treated as a unique learner with individual needs and styles of learning. 

BC certified teachers provide a yearly overview of grade level learning outcomes as outlined by the British Columbia Ministry of Education as a parent guideline for planning their child’s curriculum. Additionally, we provide in-depth grade level term overviews in September, December, and March, which provide specific, yet flexible, learning outcomes for each subject area. CEAP also provides all learning resources including textbooks, consumables, print materials and educational learning software.

Teachers collaborate with parents and students to work within these frameworks to create a learning plan that is meaningful and relevant to the family and the learner. Our approach secures that your child’s education will meet all provincially mandated learning outcomes and performance standards while encouraging personal independent inquiry, project-based, group and individual learning.


Kindergarten to Grade 3
The focus of the CEAP primary program is on learning to read, write and develop a foundation for number concepts as well as exploring the world around us through Social Studies, Science, Physical Education, Health and Career and Fine Arts curriculum.  Students in the primary program have access to a variety of learning settings including play-based centers, group learning lessons, community field trips, gym time, and artisans and guest speakers covering the full spectrum of subject areas.

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Grades 4- 7
The focus of the CEAP Intermediate program is building upon the foundations laid in the primary years in Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Health and Career, and Fine Arts with the additional course, a Second Language. Students in the Intermediate program have access to a variety of learning settings including individual and group learning lessons, community field trips, and interactive presentations by artisans and guest speakers which cover the full spectrum of prescribed learning outcomes in all subject areas.

Activities & Interaction for Distance Learners
In some cases, students live abroad, away from the geographical area, or choose to home- school exclusively, in addition to Grade level Yearly Overview, Term Overviews, both online and print resources, we offer the following support to those students;

  • Weekly Elluminate Sessions or Skype Meetings
  • Flexible timetable for communication through phone, email & face to face support
  • Electronic or courier-based distribution of resources
  • Electronic or postal distribution of student progress reports
  • Face-to-face meetings (where and when possible)

Activities & Interactions for Local and Blended Learners
For blended learning students, in addition to Grade level Yearly Overview, Term Overviews, both online and print resources, we offer the many classroom activities. Read more about each of these below.

Enrolling in the CEAP Elementary Program

Students New to SD69 Qualicum must submit the following:

  1. Ensure that your questions are answered - Contact us at (250) 752-5628 (CEAP Office) or 250-752-6989 (CEAP Elementary Program) or ceap@sd69.bc.ca for more information.
  2. Download and complete all required registration and information forms. Bring in completed forms to our office, along with a refundable $75 resource deposit.
  3. You will receive a Student Start-Up package which includes the first learning activities and resources necessary to get the student going. You will also be scheduled for a comprehensive Student Learning Plan meeting.
  4. Attend your Student Learning Plan meeting, at which time your initial activities will be reviewed and a comprehensive, personalized learning plan developed.

Other required forms for students enrolling in the Elementary program:

  1. Elementary New Student Questionnaire
  2. Elementary Student Learning Plan
  3. CEAP Elementary Collaborative Commitment

Students who wish to re-enroll in CEAP for the next school year are NOT required to re-submit the following documentation:

  • SD69 Student Registration form
  • Proof of residency or Age Documentation
  • New Student Questionnaire​