Outreach-Homebound Program


General parameters for the Outreach Homebound Program:

  • Available to all SD69 students, K to 12, accessed through the Principal at the home school or through district Student Learning Support​​
  • For students away from school for extended periods, due to ilness, injury or other qualified reasons.
  • Students assigned to the Outreach/Homebound Program may be considered to be cross-enrolled to the CEAP Program, with a program to be provided by service providers and a learning support teacher.
  • School Principal contacts the Outreach/Homebound Program Learning Support teacher, Shelly Seifridt directly at 250-752-5628, ext. 175 or sseifridt@sd69.bc.ca

Categories of service:

  1. Illness/injury – After a student has been absent for five (5) consecutive school days, and the prognosis is for a further home stay of at least five (5) more days.  These are the priority students.
  2. Re-entry – students who have been on the Outreach caseload (i. above) may require assistance while getting back into their regular school programs.  Re-entry service is a natural outgrowth from (i) above thus no further referral is necessary.
  3. Student Suspensions:  Students suspended in excess of five (5) school days are entitled to Outreach services.  This is arranged through the District Discipline Committee process, with the request for service coming from the Assistant Superintendent of Schools.
  4. Assigned students:  Some students present the district with extra-ordinary educational needs. "Extra-ordinary educational needs" may include such students assigned by the Assistant Superintendent to the Outreach Program, in consultation with the school administration.
Provisions for Service include the following:
  • Provisions for tutoring in the home
  • Homebound Learning Support Teacher support and consultation with Home School about and to provide available CEAP learning resources.
  • Access to technology and online learning courses and resources.

Services provided will include, at the discretion of the Outreach/Homebound Program:

  • For short-term students, deliver and return lessons and work provided by the home school teachers. Provide learning support through service providers in the appropriate setting. Work provided by the school will be returned to the home school for assessment.
  • For long-term students, to connect and supervise the student in learning activities. To assist in transition, the referring school may need to provide a detailed description of completed curriculum. Paper-based or online curriculum materials will be provided at the Outreach/Homebound Program's discretion. Assessment and progress reporting may require collaboration between the Outreach/Homebound Program and the home school.
  • Tutorial sessions may be arranged, in certain situations, with attendance at school district facilities, in the home, or at mutually agreed community locations. The Outreach/Homebound Program may request the presence of a parent in certain situations, during tutorial sessions.
  • The Outreach/Homebound Administrator may suggest that referral to the District Transition Team be made in certain cases, for suggestions regarding an appropriate educational setting.
Contact your School Principal for information on how to access this service.