Our previously narrowed circumstances (Due to COVID 19) under which CEAP is accepting new course registrations have begun to WIDEN...  we are now accepting new course registrations under more circumstances.

Widened circumstances of course registrations:

As the province is grappling with the pandemic, distributed learning (DL) schools such as CEAP were asked to severely restrict new registrations.   We are happy to say that we are now beginning to WIDEN the circumstances of what new course registrations we can accept. 


1)  A grade 12 student who is missing a course for graduation and needs to complete through CEAP

2)  ADDITIONAL courses in the program of a student who attends CEAP FULL TIME

3)  Adult Student Enrolments

4)  Students from other schools who wish to START a course now, and COMPLETE in the FALL OF 2020 (known as a section one class)

Students who are ONLY registered with CEAP can contact our office online,  and students of "Bricks and Mortar" schools who wish to "cross enrol" with CEAP should contact their home school counselor to arrange for course adds. 

5)  Any registration for the 2020-2021 school year

Pre-Registration Form

Pre-registration - Provides us with some basic information with which to begin the registration process. To complete registration, the following elements will also be required:

  • School District Registration form (if non- SD69 students)
  • CEAP program forms found on program pages of this website (Student Information, Collaborative Commitment & Funding Allocation Worksheet)
  • Refundable Resources Deposit ($75) may be required
  • Eligible course fees for Graduated Adults
  • Completion of first learning activity
  • Student Learning Plan Meeting (Full-time students)

A representative from the CEAP Program will contact you about your pre-registration

Please complete all parts of the form carefully.

Student's Full Name *
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Current or Highest Grade Level Attained *
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