2021 SD 69 Summer Learning Course Application

Summer School 2021 will run from Friday July 2 to Thursday, July 29. After our initial Friday which will focus on course orientation and start up, summer school will run Tues/Wed/Thurs from 8:30 to 12:30 at CEAP/KSS location. As such it will consist of a blended delivery weekly with three face to face in class support days and two home based learning using our computer platform MOODLE. All face to face support will be designed to be in accordance with Provincial Health regulations around staff and student safety. Course work WILL be required outside of the face to face days and hours provided.

Please note the following:

-Only FULL courses will be offered, as SD69 students requiring course completions will be handled at their homeschools in the final week(s) of June. -Only courses numbered 10-12 will be offered. -The one month period of Summer School is designed to complete ONE full course only. DO NOT plan on more than one course. -This application MUST be completed with a parent/guardian. -Further documentation WILL be required to enrol and this will be done via contact prior to summer school or on the first days of summer school.

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