Grade 8 & 9 Program Info

​​​​​​​​​Nuw'ilum, Bienvenue, Welcome ​To the Ballenas Learning Community. Today we live in a state of constant change. British Columbia’s curriculum has been modernized to respond to this demanding world and, at Ballenas, we agree that to prepare students for the future, the curriculum must be student-centred and flexible, with a focus on literacy and math skills. Through our linear, cohort-structured Grade 8 and 9 Program, Ballenas provides space and time for students to develop their skills and explore their passions and interests. The deep understanding and application of knowledge is at the centre of the new model, as opposed to the memory and recall of facts that previously shaped education. These critical skills are the foundation of B.C.’s education system, and are a key component of the Ballenas philosophy in developing educated citizens for a changing world.