Graduation Policy

In order to participate in the graduation ceremonies, a student must be in the position to graduate by June 1st of his/her graduation year. This means:
  • The student is enrolled in the courses necessary to earn the required 80 credits
  • The student is in the position to pass the required courses
  • If the student is taking courses by correspondence, the student has completed at least two-thirds of the course work by June 1st.
If a student is not able to meet these requirements by June 1st of his/her graduation year, they will be removed from the graduation list and will not be able to participate in the June graduation ceremonies.

Graduation Planning

The Graduation Program provides an opportunity for you to discover what you want to do in the future. This document helps you get started. It explains what’s required and where you have choices. It also covers exams, scholarships, funding, and links to web sites with helpful information. It’s your guide to three of the most important years of your education.

Get the Grad Planner here.

The BC Dogwood Planner is meant to be read alongside the Grad Planner. 

Get the Dogwood Planner here.

Provincial Exams

To get the latest information on provincial exams - including the latest Provincial Exam Builletin, visit this link.