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World Book Encyclopedia

‚ÄčTailored for students in middle schools, World Book Student includes all the articles from the print versions of the World Book Encyclopedia, plus thousands of additional articles, learning resources, and research tools. ‚ÄčTailored for students grade 8 and up, World Book Advanced is a powerful reference tool that includes full encyclopedic and multimedia databases supplemented with online books, primary sources, website links, back in time articles, special reports and more.‚ÄčWorld Book Kids is the premier online resource developed especially for young students. The site has been optimized for tablets and features image-based navigation, easy-to-read articles, thousands of images and videos as well as a wealth of engaging games, science projects, and activities.
‚ÄčWorld Book Timelines offers hundreds of pre-generated timelines across eight broad topics, which cover various time periods in history or span the life of historical public figures.‚ÄčScience Power is an engaging and visually rich supplemental science learning site for middle school aged students.‚ÄčBased on World Book‚Äôs Student Discovery Encyclopedia, L'Encyclop√©die D√©couverte is written by expert contributors at a reading level appropriate for younger users who are native speakers and readers of French, as well as older students and adults for whom French is a second language.

Gale Resources

‚ÄčCreated especially for students and researchers studying Canada, its people, and its history, Canada In Context spans the North American continent to deliver a full range of country-specific topics delivered from a Canadian perspective. Its continuously updated resources provide ongoing benefits for students anywhere conducting research on Canadian topics.‚ÄčDesigned to support global awareness, Global Issues In Context ties together a wealth of authoritative content that empowers students to critically analyze and understand the most important issues of the modern world.‚ÄčScience In Context provides information on hundreds of today's most significant science topics. 

Other Databases

‚ÄčExplora supports both student research and classroom instruction with the following features: Simple search that quickly delivers relevant results.‚ÄčNoveList, the complete readers' advisory solution, empowers librarians, engages readers and connects communities.‚ÄčA comprehensive resource of consumer-oriented health content, covering all key areas of health and wellness from mainstream medicine to the many perspectives of complementary, holistic and integrated medicine. Designed to support the information needs of patients, and to foster an overall understanding of health-related topics.
‚ÄčThe online version of the original The Encyclopedia of British Columbia.‚Äč‚Äč

Open Source Databases

Open Source Databases do not require a password.

‚ÄčThe arXiv (pronounced "archive") is a repository of electronic preprints, known as e-prints, of scientific papers in the fields of mathematics, physics, astronomy, computer science, quantitative biology, statistics, and quantitative finance, which can be accessed online.‚ÄčbioRxiv (pronounced "bio-archive") is a free online archive and distribution service for unpublished preprints in the life sciences.‚ÄčPLOS publishes a suite of influential Open Access journals across all areas of science and medicine


When searching Google, don't forget to use "advanced search" to refine your results.

‚ÄčGoogle Scholar is a freely accessible Web search engine that indexes the full text of scholarly literature.‚ÄčVisit Inside Search to discover new ways to use google.‚Äč