Useful Websites

Altapedia – contains full physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.

Britannica Online (Encyclopedia) - Search three encyclopedias, images, magazines, websites and Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus.

Canadiana Online – Early Canadiana Online is a digital library containing over 1,742,000 pages in more than 11,350 volumes.

Canadian Encyclopedia Online – the most comprehensive and authoritative source of information on all things Canadian. 

Encarta Encyclopedia Online – contains links to encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlas, career training. 

Encyclopedia of Orient – The only encyclopedia for North Africa and the Middle East. 

Encyclonize – An interesting website with an usual mix of information on Arts, Gallery, Puzzles, History, Illusions, Computers, Technology, Space and Science. 

Fact Monster Encyclopedia – is a great researching site that will cross-reference your search through Online Atlas, Encyclopedia, Almanac and Dictionary. 

Hyper History – 3000 years of world historical timelines, 480 biographical timelines and many colorful maps. 

Lexical Freenet Connected Thesaurus - Search for relationships between words. "This program allows you to search for relationships between words, concepts, and people. It is a combination thesaurus, rhyming dictionary, pun generator, and concept navigator.

Probert Encyclopedia – A free online encyclopedia of over 110,000 hyperlinked and searchable topics. 

The World Factbook – Detailed information about different countries around the world supplied by the CIA.   Specialized Dictionaries 

Math and Science: Cross Section Atlas of Human Anatomy – (University of Iowa College of Medicine) has a virtual hospital’s color atlas of cross sectional anatomy which can serve as an anatomical reference guide. 

Virtural Body (Medtropolis) – Great website for studying anatomy and the various functions of the human body. This website uses Shockwave to display virtual tour. A medical dictionary is included. 

Other: Art Encyclopedia – explore over 125,000 great works of art. Site offers where artists works are located on line, search by movement, medium, subject, nationality, women artists or museums.

Netlingo – is dictionary of Internet terms. It contains thousands of words and definitions that describe the online world of business, technology and communication. – The world’s largest online encyclopedia of graphic symbols!