Facility Bookings

​​​​​Qualicum School District​ requests that all user groups adhere to safety guidelines as mandated and/or recommended by the Province, as well as those of the school district, as outlined on the addendum attached to the application form provided under Document Downloads

Please take note of the following changes:

Facility Rentals Information

Phone:  250-248-4241
Fax:      ​​​250-248-5767​

The Board of Education believes that school facilities belong to the public and should be used as extensively as possible.  When not required for school use, facilities may be made available for use by the community.  Rental rates and regulations are to ensure there is no additional cost attached to the school district's budget.  As well, the following requirements and restrictions have been put in place to limit additional costs to maintaining our facilities:
  • No Floor Hockey, Roller Blading/Skating, Skateboarding
  • No Birthday Parties
  • Fridays are un​available to the public to accommodate cleaning requirements
  • Weekend Energy Charge – $150 will be charged for weekend use to offset the increased costs of having a building active on a weekend.
  • Board Policy 105:  Use of School Facilities requires custodial coverage (4 hour minimum) while user groups are on site; therefore, weekend custodial costs will be charged at the weekend rate of $90/hour.

The District's Administrative Procedure: 105 - ​Use of School Facilities  has complete information on liability insurance, regulations, restrictions and more.  Schedule A (Page 9), which is attached to the Administrative Procedure​, outlines the hourly rates.

Please be aware of the following procedures:

  • ​A separate application is required for each site requested.  If there are back up choices for site availability purposes, please indicate them on a separate sheet attached to your application.
  • Applications must be submitted with a current certificate of insurance naming the district as an additional insured to a limit of five (5) million dollars; and
  • If claiming non-profit status, please submit proof of same with your application either as a "society" registered in BC or provide a "Charity Registration" number from the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • Only complete applications will be processed.  A complete application includes the application, certificate of insurance and the application fee.

To apply for rental of school facilities, please download and complete either the “Use of SCHOOL Facilities" or the “Use of COMMERCIAL Facilities" application forms and submit your completed form to Facility Rentals along with the application fee. 

For more information, please call, fax or email Facility Rentals via the above-noted contact information.​