Parents and Students

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The Qualicum School District values the role parents play in their children's education.  A parent is the child's first teacher and this job continues into the school years as parents and teachers work together to ensure each child has a successful school experience.

School staff are happy to talk with parents about how they can be involved in their child's learning.  There are many opportunities for parents to help make a difference in a child's education.  In addition, there is also a place for a parent's voice to be heard at their child's school (Parent Advisory Committee - PAC) and at the district level (District Parent Advisory Council - DPAC). 

Use of Technology

Qualicum School District values the use of technology as an integral part of teaching and learning.  Handheld devices have become part of our daily routines and as such, provide us access to a wide variety of tools, including photographing our students doing all sorts of activities in school settings. 

While we understand that parents taking and sharing photos during school-sanctioned activities are doing so with good intentions; what people may not realize is that we have students who have media restrictions in place and parents have indicated they do not want their child's photo to appear publicly.

In order to respect the privacy of our students, and to ensure their safety, we ask that you do NOT download, copy, or distribute any pictures or other personal information through social media that contains images of students and/or student work other than your own child's. 

Food and Beverages in Schools

In accordance with the Ministry of Education's new 'healthy food' policy we actively discourage 'junk food' at school.  This includes all high sugar, high fat, high salt foods (eg. pop, candy, chocolate bars, potato chips).  Our district recognizes that schools must at all times be in compliance with both the 'Guidelines for Food and Beverage Sales in Schools' as well as the 'Public Health Act - Food Premises Regulation' and associated guidelines established by our local Health Authority (VIHA); therefore our district has instituted a procedure that all food that is available to students comes from a Food Safe kitchen.  This means that any food available to students via sales or celebrations must be prepared in a Food Safe kitchen, therefore homemade food is no longer to be distributed at school.


To access a list of valuable resources for students, please click on the Student Resources link.

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