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​​​​​What is Secondary School Apprenticeships (SSA)


This is a career program that provides students over the age of 15 with the opportunity to begin an apprenticeship while still in high school, and to earn high school credits for doing so.  welder-3018425_1920.jpgStudents m​​ust be working with a Journeyperson in their chosen trade for a total of 480 hours.  Student hours can be built into their timetable or done outside of school time.​

​Rationale for SSA

How it helps:  It gives students a smoother transition from school to work, and a quicker route to certification in a trade.  An SSA may be able to attain journeyperson status by the age of 21. You earn 16 secondary school grad credits, as well as credit hours towards the on-the-job training component of the Industry Training Program.


Some advantages for employers include:

  • ​employing motivated, goal-oriented youth as apprentices
  • potential federal tax incentives

Entrance Requirements

Students may complete an application form which can be obtained from each secondary school Career Centre.  The completed application is then submitted to the Career Coordinator in your home school and an interview with the Career Coordinator and District Principal is arranged.  Selection is based on the quality of the application and the interview.

Hidden Apprentices

home-office-2452806_1920.jpgSecondary School Apprenticeships aren't just for students who are looking to enter the working world.  You might already be a secondary school apprentice and not know it.  If you are a high school student working part-time in a trade, you are probably a "hidden apprentice".  By registering as a Secondary School Apprentice, you will be able to earn dual credit for the work you're already doing, become eligible for a $1,000 scholarship, and get a head start on earning your trade certification.  Talk to your school's Career Coordinator about the kind of work that qualifies you and the registration process.

How are Employers Obtained

Usually students find an employer on their own, however Career Coordinators at each secondary school are willing to help.  School District 69 also invites interested employers and/or journeypersons to contact Darin Carmichael, Career Coordinator, to indicate an interest in employing a secondary school apprentice.

​​​​​​​​​​Scholarship Opportunity

​​​​​Secondary School Apprentices can qualify for a $1,000 Scholarship if they:

  • ​Complete at least 480 hours of paid work experience in their chosen trade;
  • Graduate with a C+ average on grade 12 numbered courses;
  • Are still pursuing their apprenticeship six months after graduation (which includes attending a post-secondary institution in a program in the chosen trade); and
  • Submit applications for an SSA Scholarship within six months of high school graduation.

For more information on Secondary School Apprentice Scholarships click Here.​