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  • What is Online Student Registration?
    The online student registration system allows parents to register their next school year kindergarten students electronically. There is no need to visit a school. You can complete the information at a time convenient to you.
  • What do I need?
    Tablet, laptop, or computer (mobile phone is not recommended)
    A valid email address
    Photo / scan of valid documentation showing proof of your child’s age and citizenship
    Photo / scan of valid documentation showing of proof of residency
    We reserve the right to request additional documents.
    Medical forms; Required if your student has any of the noted medical conditions.
    Complete list of Acceptable Documents
  • What are the important dates?
    Jan 18-22, 2021 - Registration week for Early French Immersion students with siblings already in the program
    Jan 25- Feb 5, 2021 - Registration period for all other next year kindergarten students
  • Once I submit, is that all I need to do?
    Please continue to monitor your email for updates. Note: An application is not considered complete until all supporting documentation has been received and reviewed by the school.
  • How do I register my student in the Early French Immersion Program
    Access to the Early French Immersion program is not subject to cross-boundary request approval. Select your catchment area school as the requested school, and note in the Comment section (Submit Tab) that you would like your student to participate in the Early French Immersion program. Students with an older sibling in Early French Immersion must register between January 18 and January 22 for placement priority. The catchment area school is Ecole Oceanside Elementary. Registration for Early French Immersion (other than siblings) begins January 23. Acceptance of students into the Early French Immersion system is through a lottery process.
  • What is my catchment area?
    Use the School Locator tool to identify your catchment school.
  • How do I register my student in a school outside my catchment area?
    Select your catchment school as the requested school, and note in the Comment section (Submit Tab) the cross-boundary school you wish your student to attend. Upload the completed cross-boundary enrollment request form (put link to form) to the registration (Documents Tab).
  • Can I register my student who is going into a grade other than Kindergarten?
    At present, students who are in grade 1 to 12 should contact the catchment school to register.
  • Can I register my student who will start this school year?
    At present, contact the student’s catchment school if the student will be attending school during the 2020-2021 school year.
  • Can I use this MyEducationBC account after the registration?
    No, Qualicum School district does not support the MyEducation BC portal.
  • Will my information stay in the system?
    Once the school processes the registration, any uploaded documentation is removed in an automated overnight procedure. The data entered auto-populates into our Student Information System.
  • Whom do I contact if I have questions?
    If you have any technical questions regarding the online process, please contact: Brenda Fleming Student Information System Support Analyst Phone: 250-954-4674 Email:
  • When creating an account, it says the email is already in use and an account can’t be created.
    There was a glitch in the system. A fix was implemented the evening of Wednesday, January 27. If you continue to receive this message, please contact: Brenda Fleming, Student Information System Support Analyst, at