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Cross-Boundary Enrolment

Parents of students wishing to attend a school outside of their catchment area next year are required to submit an Application for Cross-boundary Enrollment for Following School Year form.   

(NOTE:  If you are applying to a Program of Choice i.e. French Immersion, STREAM or the Primary Learning Community, you do NOT need to complete a Cross Boundary Application form)

District students making a cross-boundary application must FIRST be registered at their catchment school prior to being able to be considered for cross-boundary enrollment. 

This form is to be used for cross-boundary applications. Cross-boundary applications are to be submitted beginning the first Monday in February to the last Friday in March (inclusive) prior to Spring Break for the following school year. Applications received after the Friday prior to Spring Break will be considered 'late' applications and will be considered on a case by case basis.

The District reserves the right to rescind any approved cross-boundary transfers up to and including September 30.  The decision to return a student to their catchment area school will be based on current legislation regarding class sizes and Board Policy 704.

Transportation for a student choosing to attend a non-catchment school or program of choice is the responsibility of the parent.

For further help or information, please check with your catchment school, or contact the School Board Office at 250-248-4241.

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