Guiding Principles for Organizational Decision-Making


The Qualicum School Board of Education has established a set of Guiding Principles for Organizational Decision-Making which they use as a touchstone for the decisions they make as a Board.  These Guiding Principles are reviewed annually and reflect the qualities the Board looks for in schools and work sites across the district.

In Qualicum School District:

  • Our primary focus is to meet the needs of all learners where they are, and planning for the next steps in their journey.
  • The foundation of organizational health and success is trust relationships – we commit to clear, open communication that builds personal and public confidence in the work we do with and for our learners.
  • Parents and the broader community are our partners in education - we must ensure that they are given meaningful roles in helping to shape the educational experience provided to students.
  • People are the most valuable asset in our organization - we invest in this asset when we provide opportunities for employees and volunteers to further their own knowledge, skills and competencies in deep, purposeful and relevant ways.
  • Stewardship of the public investment in education in our community is crucial – this requires an unwavering commitment to fiscal responsibility and allocation of resources based on identified needs and strategic priorities.
  • Leadership is most powerful when responsibility and accountability are spread across the system at all levels – we expect everyone in our district to demonstrate a commitment to system change and improvement.
  • We care deeply about the impacts of our work – that is evident when we access and use credible information to develop plans, measure progress and inform decision-making.
  • Public education has a key role to play in creating an understanding of the harm caused by colonialism and residential schools, as well as an obligation to move forward on a path toward reconciliation. 
Trustee Handbook:
The Trustee Handbook has been created to highlight and support the very important governance function of the Board of Education.  It clearly defines the role of the Board, the role of the Superintendent, and the delegation of authority from the Board to the Superintendent.

BC School Trustees Association:
The Qualicum School Board is also a member of the BC School Trustees Association (BCSTA) which serves and supports BC's Boards of Education in their key work of improving student achievement.  At the local level, BCSTA provides professional development, legal counsel and communications.  Provincially, its non-profit Association acts as Boards' strong, unified voice in advocating to government, other education partners, and the public on matters affecting public education.  To learn more about the important work of Boards across the province, click here.