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SD69 DPAC Presents the White Hatter Series Session VI - December 1

September 29, 2022


See attached for information​ on the current or upcoming presentations.  Join the event through the following link:

Sexting, What Parents Need To Know   7pm - 8:30pm



On the day and time of the presentation, all a participant needs to do is click on this link, enter the password and they will be allowed access to the SLIDO/VIMEO platform where we will be hosting our live event.    It is strongly recommended that parents' bookmark/save the link and password that you will send them, and sign into the event 10 minutes prior to the scheduled event going live, as we will be starting promptly at the designated time.  

The link will remain open for 48hrs after the live event has concluded​ to ensure that those who could not attend the live event can have access to a recording.​

***** Please DO NOT distribute this link and password outside or your family of parents unless authorized by the White Hatter. Also encourage your families not to do so as well *****​