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 Education Programs - Programs of Choice


School District 69 (Qualicum) is proud to offer a range of Programs of Choice that provide unique and innovative learning opportunities for our diverse student population. 

Programs of Choice are staffed consistent with the district's overarching methodology and philosophy regarding financial prudence.  For these reasons, Programs of Choice classrooms are often (like regular classrooms) organized into combined grade configurations.  All program options either align with or support the B.C. curriculum and help provide a pathway towards Grade 12 graduation.​ 

The Board of Education is committed to Programs of Choice placement sustainability to the best extent possible, but must balance this commitment with emergent building capacity pressures, and the importance of students being able to attend their neighbourhood school.  All Programs of Choice are reviewed annually as part of the budget process.  Programs of Choice typically generate much interest and are continued each year; however, they can be subject to cancellation due to enrollment and budgetary considerations.   Please note that space in these programs is limited.

Please Note:  The offerings and locations of all Programs of Choice are contingent on enrolment, budgetary requirements and available staffing; therefore, your application for a particular Program of Choice may not be confirmed until May of the current school year.

Aquatics Leadership Program (ALP):  Grades 11-12.   The Aquatics Leadership Program is designed to provide comprehensive training in Aquatic and Recreational Leadership to eligible students.  Full participation in this program will result in candidates gaining full lifeguarding certification.  For further information please click here.

French Immersion:  Grades K – 12.  French Immersion is intended to develop fluency in French learning to functional bilingualism.  Students study in French while following the regular BC Curriculum Learning Standards.  The French Immersion Program for Grades K – 7 is located at Oceanside Elementary School.  The French Immersion Program for Grades 8 – 12 is located at Ballenas Secondary School. Please apply at appropriate school. See brochure HERE.

Head Start – Dual Credit Programs or Courses:  Grade 12.  Head Start is a District Careers Program that provides motivated trades, college, or university-bound high school students the opportunity to enroll in post-secondary programs or courses, for credit, before graduation.  Students may enroll in either individual academic courses or in programs at Vancouver Island University, North Island College or other SD69 approved BC post-secondary institutions.  Students also receive dual course credits that count towards their high school graduation requirements.  Registration is through the career centre at the student's secondary school.

Primary Learning Community Program:  Multi-Age.  The PLC will meet the provincial curriculum while engaging in play-based learning, where concepts and subject areas will be embedded in themes, projects and activities stretching across the curriculum.  Learning will be facilitated through multi-age groupings which embed Indigenous knowledge and ways of being.  Registration begins Monday, January 25th through to Friday, February 5th, 2021 ONLY.  An application form is available in the document library below.  See Brochure HERE

View a video on Play-Based Learning HERE.

Qualicum Music Program:  Grades 9 – 12.  This intensive music program provides secondary school students with the opportunity to benefit directly from specialized music instruction and guidance.  Students have the opportunity to play in large and small ensembles with highly motivated peers who have the same commitment to academic and musical success.  Through involvement with this program, students will greatly enhance their skill and knowledge in the field of music.  The program is located at Kwalikum Secondary School. 

Rivers, Oceans, and Mountains School (ROAMS):  The ROAMS program is designed for grade 11 - 12 students who have a strong personal interest in community and outdoor adventure education.  It is an experiential or "hands on" program based almost exclusively away from the school, in a variety of settings.  For further information please click here

School of Golf at Pheasant Glen:  Grades 8 – 12.  The School of Golf provides students with the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the world of golf.  Golfing at the Pheasant Glen Golf Course will satisfy the needs of the dedicated golfer that strives for the highest possible level of golf.  The yearlong course provides golf swing instruction by a PGA professional as well as lessons in golf etiquette, course management, and tournament play.  Students will also be introduced to the operations side of the golf world with instruction in tournament management, retail sales and golf resort management.  Registration is through the school-based counsellor at the student's secondary school.

Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering and Math ​(STREAM) Intermediate Program:  Grades 4 – 7.  The STREAM program is a comprehensive academic program that engages your child through the use of science and technology and encourages personalized learning and critical thinking across the entire curriculum.  By engaging your child's inherent passion for learning, the STREAM program encourages learning in a way that develops creative thought, independence, and critical thinking.  Our STREAM Makerspace provides an environment rich with possibilities, and the opportunity to connect and work on personally meaningful projects.  The program is located at Qualicum Beach Elementary School.​  Registration begins on Monday, January 25 through to Friday, February 5th ONLY.  An application form is available in the document library below. See brochure HERE.

SD69 Hockey Program:  Grades 8 – 12.  The Hockey Program offers students the opportunity to develop basic skills of hockey while attending either Ballenas or Kwalikum Secondary Schools.  The philosophy of the program is for the student to develop the five core skills as laid out by Hockey Canada (skating, passing, puck control, shooting, checking) and to utilize the Player Development Pyramid.  As Goaltenders also play a big part in this program, a dedicated Goalie Instructor is provided.  Registration is through the school-based counsellor at the student's secondary school.

Secondary School Apprenticeship (SSA) Program:  The apprenticeship program is a collaboration between the Industry Trade Authority (ITA) and the Ministry of Education and is designed to attract and retain students in trades training.  This program is ideal for students entering or finishing the Head Start program.  The SSA program is also available to school-aged students after graduation (turning 19 years of age after July 1).   Registration is through the career centre at the student's secondary school.

Technology Integrated Distributed Experiential Studies (TIDES):  Grade 8 - 9 Program at CEAP (Kwalikum Secondary School location):  ​CEAP TIDES is a program for learners who want their education to be based on experiential learning, connected to themes such as outdoor learning, sustainability and adventure learning.  Concepts and skills will be integrated into cross-curricular learning experiences, with all core subjects completed over the 10-month school session.  For further information please click here.

Technology Integrated Distributed Experiential Studies (TIDES) ​Graduation Program:  Grades 10 - 12 program at CEAP (Kwalikum Secondary School location):  TIDES GRADUATION PROGRAM 10-12 is an extension of our very popular TIDES 8-9 PROGRAM . It is designed for learners who want their education to be based on experiential learning, connected to themes such as outdoor learning, sustainability and adventure learning.  Concepts and skills will be integrated into cross-curricular learning experiences, with several core subjects completed over the 10-month school session. For further information please click here.