Registration Information

Our district will be using the MyEdBC on-line registration process for Kindergarten student registration.  The On-Line Registration functionality is currently inactivated until dates stated below.  Parents will be able to create their MyEducation BC login account, and begin to prepare the application.  Parents will not be able to select a school, or submit the application, until the registration period opens.

Important Dates:


​Kindergarten Registration for September 2024 will open on January 22, 2024.  Our district will be using the MyEdBC on-line registration process for in-coming Kindergarten students only.  

(The online registration process will remain available for use after the registration deadline; however, parents are encouraged to register their child within the registration window to assist with classroom/staffing planning)  

On-line registration is encouraged; however, hard copy applications are also accepted at school sites. 

Grades 1-12 Registration for September 2024 will open in January 22, 2024  at school sites - Registration form(applications are also accepted after that date; however, parents are encouraged to register their child within the registration window to assist with classroom/staffing planning​)

Grades 1 through 12 Registration must be arranged through the child's catchment school.​

Important Information:

Qualifying Age: To qualify for school enrollment in September 2024, a child must become five years of age on or before December 31, 2024.

Cross Boundary Requests:   Generally, students will attend schools within their catchment area based on the parent's/guardian's residence. In some circumstances crossing of catchment areas may be permitted upon request.

Parents wishing to enroll their child at an out-of-catchment school within the district must  first register at their catchment school, include a note that they wish to make a cross-boundary request  and then complete the on-line 2024-2025 Cross-Boundary Request form.   Requests are based on space, staffing and capacity and you may not be advised whether or not your cross-boundary application has been approved until late August or early September.

NOTEIf you are applying to a Program of Choice - i.e. Kindergarten French Immersion, STREAM or the Primary Learning Community - you do NOT need to complete a Cross Boundary Application form.  

Please indicate in the 'Notes' field of the online registration form which Program of Choice you are interested in - for Kindergarten French Immersion, STREAM and the Primary Learning Community, you MUST​ also complete the relevant application form for your child.

Parksville Alternate Secondary School - Referral to this program from a student's catchment area school is via the District Based Team.

Continuing Education Centre (CEC):  Applications for enrolment are accepted throughout the school year.

Collaborative Education Alternative Program (CEAP) - Distributed Learning:  For information regarding registration in our distance learning program, please contact CEAP at either or 250-752-5628.

Home Education: Parents are reminded that all children aged 6 to 16 years who are being educated at home MUST be registered at a school on or before September 30.

​Kindergarten Registration for all sites will open on January 22, 2024.

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