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Student Registration



Due to the current pandemic, the first two days of school (Thursday, September 10 and Friday, September 11th) will look different than in past years.  Please see individual school websites for details.

SCHOOL BUS INFORMATION:  Bus passes are mandatory for all students riding to and/or from school.  Please see Transportation for further details as well as for Bus Schedule information.



School District 69 is pleased to welcome new students to the district.  In-person registration is required at your neighbourhood (catchment) school.  


**Elementary school registration times are between the hours of 9:00 am and 12:00 noon.  

**Secondary school registration times are:

   Ballenas Secondary - August 31 to September 4.  Please contact Ballenas Secondary School to arrange an appointment.

   Kwalikum Secondary -  September 8 to September 10.  You MUST call the school to book an appointment.  Click here for more information.

**PASS/Woodwinds and Continuing Education Centre (CEC):  Applications for enrollment are accepted throughout the school year

**Collaborative Education Alternative Program (CEAP):  For information regarding registration in our distance learning program, please contact CEAP at either or 250-752-5628.

Parents of students wishing to attend a school outside of their catchment area are required to complete the appropriate "Application for Cross-boundary Enrollment" form (see below).

Parents are reminded that all children aged 6 to 16 years who are being educated at home (Home Education) MUST be registered at a school on or before September 30.

To determine your catchment area school, go to School Locator and search by street address.

Acceptable documentation for Proof of Legal Identity:
- Birth Certificate or Birth Certificate with English Translation; or
- BC Services Card (PHOTO Version only); or
- Permanent Resident Card; or
- Passport or VISA; or
- BC Identification Card or Driver's License
​Additional Documentation, if applicable:
- Government issued adoption papers; 
- Filed custody/guardianship Court Orders (student identified within Order)
Documentation for proof of being "Ordinarily Resident" for student and parent/legal guardian:
- British Columbia Medical Services Plan (PHOTO Version only) coverage for parent/legal guardian and ONE item from the following list of supporting documentation; or 
- Proof of application for BC MSP for parent/legal guardian and THREE items from the following list of supporting documentation (Registration is not complete until BC MSP coverage is confirmed)
The Ministry's 'Eligibility of Students for Operating Grant Funding' website ( indicates the following items can also be used to assess residency:
- Residence of spouse, children and other dependent family members in the dwelling \
- Employment within the community
- Provincial registration of automobile
- Canadian bank accounts or credit cards
- Links to community through religious organizations, recreational and social clubs, unions and professional organizations
- Subscriptions for life or health insurance, such as MSP coverage
- Business relationships within the community
Supporting Documentation for proof of being "Ordinarily Resident":
While each of the following indicators alone are not enough to establish residency for the purpose of Section 82 of the School Act, the larger the number of the positive indicators, the more likely it is that the qualifications for Ordinarily Resident are met and the student qualifies for government funded public education.
- Ownership of a dwelling or a long-term lease or rental of a dwelling;
- Legal documents indicating British Columbia residence;
- Provincial Driver's License (NOTE:  BC Driver's License and Services Card is considered one piece of identification, not two);
- A current income tax return filed as a BC resident. 
​Progress Reports
- Most recent Progress (Report) cards from previous school
Health Information
- Student's Immunization Records since Birth and any other important health documents.  Please note that while immunization records are not required for registration, a copy may be requested for the student file.

​​Please note that is the responsibility of parents / guardians to ensure that the child's school is aware of any life threatening medical problems your child may have. This includes any change in condition for those students already on our Medical Alert file. Parents are to provide the school with the child's medication in the original container and clearly marked with the student's name. Please check the expiration date of all medications. If the medication requires administration (i.e. injection) it is important that those charged with the procedure have the proper training. Please call the Health Unit at 250-947-8242 for assistance.
​Permission Forms
- Provided by School upon registration



  • ​​Mid January:  Sibling French Immersion Kindergarten Registration - January 11 to 15, 2020 at Oceanside Elementary School between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • Late January:  Kindergarten and Programs of Choice Registration - January 25 to 29, 2020
  • First Monday in February up to and including the last Friday in March prior to Spring Break:  'Application for Cross-Boundary Enrollment for Following School Year' - February 1 to March 12, 2020
  • Late August:  New Student Registration for September

​The district cannot guarantee that new students registering after June 1st the previous school year will be accommodated at their neighbourhood school. Students may be moved to another school up to and including the last day in September if space availability at their neighbourhood school is a problem. This will occur only if absolutely necessary, and will be based on the order in which registrations are received (last in, first moved).

Should this situation arise, students will be moved to the closest school available.  Transportation requirements can be reviewed with the District Office.  



Parents of students wishing to attend a school outside of their catchment area next year are required to submit an "Application for Cross-boundary Enrollment for Following School Year" form.  Forms are available at schools.   

"Applications for Cross-boundary Enrollment for Following School Year" must be submitted during the months of February and March only (First Monday in February up to, and including, the last Friday in March prior to Spring Break).  Early applications will not be accepted.

    • Cross-boundary requests submitted outside the noted time frame must be by way of "Application for Late Cross-boundary Enrollment" form. 

District students making a cross-boundary application must FIRST be registered at their catchment school prior to being able to be considered for cross-boundary enrollment. 

Siblings of previously approved continuing cross-boundary students may apply directly to the cross-boundary school during this time frame only.  If cross-boundary application is outside of this time frame, siblings of previously approved continuing cross-boundary students must register at their catchment school, based on their home address, and submit an "Application for Late Cross-boundary Enrollment" form.

A student who has spent the previous school year in an approved cross-boundary placement at a District 69 school will be deemed to be a catchment area student for the duration of his/her attendance at the school.  This status will be retained upon transition to the secondary school which students from that school would normally attend based on district catchment areas (A second cross-boundary application is not required for this transition).

Wherever possible, requests will be approved.  The District does, however, reserve the right to rescind any approved cross-boundary transfers up to and including September 30.  The decision to return a student to his/her catchment area school will be based on current legislation regarding class sizes and Board Policy 7015.

Transportation for a student choosing to attend a non-catchment school or program of choice is the responsibility of the parent.

Access to Programs of Choice are not subject to the cross-boundary application process.  Access to these programs are based on availability of space, resources, and staffing.  A cross-boundary application is not required.

For further help or information, please check with your local school, or contact the School Board Office at 250-248-4241.